Friday, January 12, 2007

Some good news

The insurance for the flood damage has been sorted out, so work on that can go ahead, and the VAT repayment has arrived so the work on the front of the building can proceed.

I've been away all week on a course (and will be for the next 11 weeks) so L's been minding the shop by herself. We'd both assumed that it would be quiet at this time of year, but she had 7 folk in on Wednesday night and 6 in last night. Most of them wanted early breakfasts too.
Meanwhile lots of small things have happened on the renovations front:
  • The flooring is down in the gents'
  • The 1st floor bathroom has had some work done
  • The 1st floor toilet has been stripped out, floor sheeted, walls painted
  • The top landing on the main stair is carpeted now
  • The little devices to hold the fire doors open have been attached
  • The light fittings are up in the new dining room
  • The front doors have been refitted to open outwards only
... and the Horseshoe bar has reinstated Scotch pies!


At 2:16 am, Blogger Aarlene said...

Hooray for the progress and for the return of the pies.
Hooray for the triumphant return of the vat cash and for the relatively quick insurance settlement.
And especially, Hooray! for the Return of the PIES.
I guess nothing will increase custom than the expectation of down time.
Lorna's a trooper!

Continued Happy New Year.



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