Saturday, February 03, 2007


Our furniture has been in store for nearly three years. The reason we didn't bring it down here was mainly because there was nowhere to put it. There still isn't, but the owner of the place it was being stored wanted the space back, so it all had to come out.

There still isn't anywhere to put it, but with the residents' lounge almost habitable, a lot has gone in there. There are numerous boxes of magazines, books, china and other things that you collect when you live somewhere for any length of time. We've put most of them into room 1 which is currently a stripped out shell and will remain so for the forseeable future. And we're going to freecycle some of it too. If you haven't heard about freecycle have a look here.

Progress has been good this week. The function room ceiling has been plasterboarded as have the two cellars underneath. The big meat hook had to be removed to allow the new plasterboarding to go in.

I won't mention the rugby.


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